What is a Solar Inverter?


A solar inverter converts the DC (variable direct current) output of a photovoltaic Solar Panel into AC (utility frequency alternation current) that can be fed into an electrical grid or used by a local house or commercial building.


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A solar panel can absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy to generate electricity.

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Battery System with PV Solar Panels OR Stand-alone Battery System

–Battery System with PV Solar Panels
Your solar PV system will generate electricity and your battery system will store the energy apart from the electricity been used, and your system will be connected to the utility grid.
Your system will limit the flow of power from the Solar PV system into the network to a preset level.
The system size also varies due to the end-users’ needs.
Continuum Solar will provide a special technical assessment and make a professional design with our professional designers.
–Stand-alone Battery System
The stand-alone system consists of electrical appliances and customer equipment that is powered by the inverter in a stand-alone mode after the network supply is removed.
The system design is more complicated than a standard design and will need special technical assessment. The system size also varies due to the end-users’ needs.
Continuum Solar has professional installer and designer who can help you to make your environment-friendly dream come true.

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We are a qualified LED lights installers.

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